34: Flexbox and Zombies - Dave Geddes

Want to really master flexbox? Dave Geddes has made a course that will help you do just that. In this episode, I talk to him about flexbox, his new course, and why we should really master this stuff.

33: WeVyte and React Native

In which I talk with Blaine Farr, the founder of WeVyte about his app and React Native.

32: Preact Habitat

In which I talk with Zouhir Chahoud, the creator of Preact Habitat.

31: Product Management - Riley Carasquillo

In which I talk with Riley Carasquillo, a product manager at HireVue about what product managers do, and how they interact with engineers.

30: Software + Hardware - Andrew Jensen

In which we talk with Andrew Jensen, a software engineer at Domo, about hardware + software, Internet of Things, and some projects he's worked on.

29: Angular 2 - Aaron Costley

In which I talk with Aaron Costley, a software engineer at Amazon, about Angular 2 and why he chose it for his latest project at Amazon.

28: Hero's Journey - James Stewart - Developer

In which we talk with James Stewart a developer and team lead at Domo, and co-organizer of the Utah d3.js meetup group.

27: Influential Apps

In which we talk about the most influential apps of all time.

26: Hero's Journey - Ryan Henricksen - QA

In which we talk with Ryan Henricksen about QA (Quality Assurance) and how he got into it.

25: Hero's Journey - Ole André - Creator of Frida

In which we interview Ole André, Creator of Frida about how he got into programming and what Frida is.